“Gargantua.” Europeia sari. François Rabelais (nr 985)

“Gargantua.” Europeia sari. François Rabelais (nr 985)


Europeia No. 33

Francois Rabelais

The terrible biography of the great Gargantua – the father of Pantagruel – written by the magister Alcofribas, who was fond of the depth and insight of the ancients
A book full of pantagruelisms.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: Priit Rea
Publisher: Periodica
City: Tallinn
Year: 1996
Original language: French
Translator: Ilotar Aavisto
Pages: 159
Series: Europeia 33

Condition: copy deleted from the library with stamps and inscriptions, covers worn in places, contents in good condition

Dimensions: 141 × 210 mm
Size: standard format, with soft covers