Juniper essential oil 10 ml (Nurme)

Juniper essential oil 10 ml (Nurme)


Description: woody, sweet, fresh, smoky.
In aromatherapy – relaxes, gives clarity of thought. Suitable for use in the bath, massage, scent lamp, inhalation, compresses. Also used for cleaning rooms. In folk medicine, it has been used to cleanse the body of toxins, strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling, relieve cramps, protect and strengthen the gums, reduce toothache, relieve gas, fatigue and drowsiness, improve digestion and painful menstruation.
Used in perfumery, skin care, hair care.

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Safety: Do not use essential oils undiluted. Pregnant women and young children can use essential oils with extreme caution.

Do not leave essential oils out of the reach of children.

NB! Although the said oil also has a food certificate, due to the responsibility of the manufacturer of cosmetic products, Nurme Looduskosmeetika OÜ does not share information on the use of oil in food and does not take responsibility.

We confirm that the oil does not contain parabens, prohibited preservatives, dyes or UV filters. 

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