“Kaasaegne komöödia” 1. John Galsworthy (nr 584,981,952)

“Kaasaegne komöödia” 1. John Galsworthy (nr 584,981,952)


The author’s famous trilogy “The Saga of the Forsytes” is followed by the second trilogy “Modern Comedy”.
Part 1 focuses on the lives of Soames’ daughter Fleur and her husband Michael: Jon Forsyte, who settled in America, is also discussed.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: Heino Kivihall

Publisher: Eesti Raamat

City: Tallinn

Year: 1991

Original language: English

Translator: Helga Kross

Pages: 272

Condition: book in very good condition

Dimensions: 147 × 212 mm

Size: standard format, with hard covers