“Kaitsealustes põlismetsades” (zooloogi populaarteaduslik jutustus) Gerassim Uspenski (nr 961)

“Kaitsealustes põlismetsades” (zooloogi populaarteaduslik jutustus) Gerassim Uspenski (nr 961)


Man and nature are the main themes of Gerassim Uspenski’s works.
As an experienced naturalist, a participant in many scientific expeditions, who has trodden many paths of his homeland, the author opens a huge and interesting world before us. There are still many mysteries in it, but all the more fascinating are the searches and solving of mysteries, and all the more rewarding is the hard, sometimes even dangerous work of a scholar-zoologist.
In this longer narrative, the author describes the taiga along Baikal and its inhabitants, as well as the Caucasus nature reserve.

Original title Смеющийся остров.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: Heldur Viires

Publisher: Eesti Raamat
City: Tallinn
Year: 1966
Original language: Russian
Translator: Olav Renno
Pages: 308
Series: World and some

Condition: used book in normal condition

Dimensions: 130 × 205 mm
Size: standard format, with hard covers and wrapping paper