“Pommeri aed” Mats Traat (nr 973)

“Pommeri aed” Mats Traat (nr 973)


What does Pomeranian do? What else does he have to do but what he has been doing for years. Last fall, he turned thirty-seven from time to time when he moved here from Lööv parish to Jaagusilla, put the cow given to him by his father in the barn, washed his hands at the well and went to class to teach spelling to the farmers’ children. At that time, Pommer was a young noble schoolmaster who subconsciously realized that only clean hands could teach beautiful, fluent and proper spelling. Added native spelling. He, who had enthusiastically gone to cultivate the educational field of the fatherland, this eternal fodder where the plowman must have a ram of ten oxen. He still does the same – carries his cross and bends the souls of children, as the curriculum and Christian education require.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: Uno Roosvalt

Publisher: Eesti Raamat
City: Tallinn
Year: 1973
Original language: Estonian
Pages: 196

Condition: wrapping paper worn in places and yellowed on the spine

Dimensions: 135 × 206 mm
Size: standard format, with hard covers