“Prohvet Maltsvet” Eduard Vilde (nr 976)

“Prohvet Maltsvet” Eduard Vilde (nr 976)


At the time of the creation of the novel (1904-1908), Eduard Vilde was at the peak of his worldview development and literary artistry. The third part of Eduard Vilde’s historical trilogy “Prohvet Maltsvet” grew directly out of the process of making the previous parts “Mahtra’s War” and “When Anija’s Men Went to Tallinn”. By researching the peasant movement of 1858 through archival documents, historical research and memories of personal participants in the uprisings, written memoirs, etc. based on this, he became interested in the simultaneous extensive religious-sectarian, so-called Against the Maltsvet movement and related emigration to the Crimea in 1861 and 1862. These events were very closely related to the previous ones and also developed into a popular movement against the Baltic Junkrats.
Language: Estonian

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Year: 1951
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Series: Works by Eduard Vilde

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