“Viina katk” Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (nr 982)

“Viina katk” Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (nr 982)


Kreutzwald’s first book in Estonian is the abstinence-themed “Viina katk. One story worth noting, which has been given out as guidance and encouragement to the wannabe and young people”. It is an adaptation based on the Swiss author J. H. D. Zschokke’s book “Branntweinpest” (aka “The Plague of Vodka”). “Vina Katk” is commissioned by ÕES, because the aim of the society is to acquire educational reading material for rural people in addition to scientific research. Writing the first folk book requires a lot of effort, Kreutzwald is still inexperienced in writing in his native language. Based on the example and materials of Zschokke’s story, Kreutzwald creates an original and compelling work, he tries to truthfully depict Estonian village life and people. The focus is on showing the harmful effects of drinking.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: Tiit Pääsuke

Publisher: Eesti Raamat
City: Tallinn
Year: 1973
Original language: Estonian
Pages: 80

Condition: cover paper worn in places and torn in a couple of places, contents present and in good condition
Size: slightly larger than standard format, hardcover.