Fresh lavender is ready!!!




Fresh lavender is ready!!!

Freshly picked and dried lavender has arrived at Magasiaita. You can buy it in bundles or already cleaned and packed in cute, linen bags. So how to use lavender: In food: lavender gives dishes a sweet, slightly citrus-like flavor nuance. Best suited for jams, drinks, and baked goods, and for flavoring strongly flavored game and lamb. However, edible lavender flowers can be used on platters and to decorate side dishes, either fresh or candied. At home: natural protection for laundry against moths. Gives clothes a fresh smell. You can also add a bag of lavender flowers, for example, to your pillow for better sleep or to your bath water. For treatment: water infusion of lavender soothes stomach pain caused by intestinal irritation and reduces gas. The aroma calms and relaxes.

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