“Kirsid” Arthur Jaama, Eevi Jaama (nr. 958)

“Kirsid” Arthur Jaama, Eevi Jaama (nr. 958)


The book describes the species, forms and varieties of sour and sweet cherry trees, their cultivation, breeding and distribution. The forms and varieties of cherry trees that are more resistant to cold and disease and have the highest yields are described in more detail.
The agrotechnics of cherry growing, the establishment and maintenance of plantations are also discussed.
The book is intended for horticultural workers and hobby gardeners.
Language: Estonian

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Designer: T. Aru
Publisher: Valgus
City: Tallinn
Year: 1992
Original language: Estonian
Pages: 176

Condition: book in normal condition

Dimensions: 126 × 197 mm
Size: standard format, with soft covers