Knitted lace scarf with Haapsalu scarf pattern “Lily of the valley” No. 8/ 60×150 (M.L.)

Knitted lace scarf with Haapsalu scarf pattern “Lily of the valley” No. 8/ 60×150 (M.L.)


Handmade, white, lace scarf with Haapsalu scarf pattern.
A beautiful and special gift for a person who appreciates handicrafts.
The material used is soft merino wool.
Width 60 cm and length 150 cm.

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Always wash the scarf by hand, in lukewarm water that has previously been dissolved in a detergent intended only for wool. Avoid products with a whitening effect! This way you prevent the scarf from getting old and becoming felt. Wash by pressing, not rubbing. Rather, gently move the scarf back and forth in the bowl, squishing it slightly. This way, the delicate lace will not be damaged. After washing, gently press the scarf to dry. Twisting will damage the lace. It is most convenient to place a wet scarf in between a folded terrycloth sauna sheet, roll it up and then press firmly to catch the excess water in the sheet.
If there is no frame, lay the wet scarf on a flat surface (e.g. on a carpet covered with a white sheet, bed, sofa), mark the size by tightening the corners of the scarf with pins. Make sure the pins are rust free. To simplify the work, slip the white sewing thread behind the needles that fasten the corners of the scarf to create a conditional rectangle to fasten according to. Next, fix the centers of the wet scarf on both the sides and ends of the scarf. Always fasten the pleats parallel to both sides of the scarf so that the pattern stretches evenly. Continue attaching the scarf tips from the needle spaces until all the scarf tips are tightened.