White dream catcher “Silence” (No. 69 S.R.)

White dream catcher “Silence” (No. 69 S.R.)


Handmade dream catcher.
A lovely gift for children, especially the little one who is afraid of the dark and sleeping alone.
A mesh ring made of crocheted cotton thread. Ring made of metal.
In addition, glass and metal beads, various yarns, ribbons and feathers were used.
Ring diameter 25 cm, length including ribbons approx. 50 cm.

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The dream catcher protects sleep from bad energy. At the same time, it catches positive emotions in its net. With a protective purpose, they have ruled mythology for millennia.

The dream catcher has come to Europe from America and has been an amulet of Indian tribes. They were usually decorated with eagle feathers.

Dream catchers have been hanging over toddler beds for centuries. Out of all these dreams, bad dreams would remain on the web, beautiful and good dreams would pass through the web without difficulty.

The bad ones slide off in the early morning and continue to dry and disappear. The breath that makes the dream catcher move is a signal that the child has beautiful dreams. As a child, you are free from bad dreams, and according to those who believe in dreams, you only dream of beautiful and good things.