Wool sweater “Fog” S-M (no. 122 M.R.)

Wool sweater “Fog” S-M (no. 122 M.R.)


Hand-knitted gray sweater.
Open at the front, three hooks at the top for fastening.
There are also pockets.
Very soft, thick and warm item.
80% woolen yarn used in production.
The sweater is best suited for sizes S-M.
Chest circumference 94 cm, length 50 cm, sleeve length 63 cm.

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Caring for woolen products is a breeze. After wearing a woolen item for a long time, it can be left in the fresh air for a while, where the wool regenerates itself.
In general, it is advisable to air out woolen clothes more and wash them less.

However, if it is dirty, hand wash at 30 degrees C. Wool does not tolerate rubbing and scrubbing, it should be washed gently, quickly and lightly wringing. Excess water must not be squeezed out of the wool, but only lightly squeezed. Use a special wool detergent for washing. It is definitely not recommended to wash with a detergent that contains enzymes or whitening ingredients.