Magasiaida’s April activities!!!




Magasiaida’s April activities!!!

The bitterly fast month of April is coming to an end and we are starting to summarize the activities of our first month of spring. We spent an exciting day with Tartumaine Toit entrepreneurs. First, Anderson's Brewery introduced behind-the-scenes beer brewing. Then we took a nice drive to Lake Võrtsjärv, where we had a look at the activities of Linaski OÜ and were treated to excellent eel soup and soft pretzels. The day ended in the world of baked goods, especially with sweet makeup, in the Tortidoimetus company. In the following days, we managed to start selling the soils of our long-term partner Bioplus, and the first shipments of Horticom onion seeds started arriving at the warehouse. Our biggest challenge was MAAMESS in April, it must be in big, bold letters because it was an insanely massive event that lasted 3 days, from morning to night. We met with large food producers and companies related to rural life and shared experiences with other small companies. Thank you great and kind customers and nice co-sellers who spent these exciting days with us in Tartu! Among Magasiaida's gourmet jams, this time our "Vitamin bomb" with pear, sea buckthorn and mint became the crowd's favorite, second place went to the spicy onion and chili jam "Tuline Onion with chili". Our new jam twins "Vanausulinet maiuspala Sibulka" were also received with hurray, which received completely new design labels days before the trip to Maamessi began. We also got a new friend and cooperation partner from the fair - Tartu Maavili. Now you can get their crusty, spicy, bright and hot products from Magasiaida. All natural and grown in Tartu County. Now you don't have to travel far to find something for serious gourmets in a gift box or on the table. New adventures, challenges and acquaintances already in the month of May.

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